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   email me for Date your Rototiller was Built plus Model, Engine Number, Cut Size 20"or 26", Magneto
                According to the serial number book only these units were built with Reverse
                B1-6R   with s/n   42,558 thru   52,600
                B1-7      with s/n 101,001 thru 104,848
                B1-7RA with s/n 120,001 thru 120,450 
                There are many places in the book show tillers that have been converted to reverse.

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 New Items added to this web site for 2022    New Items


            Gaskets and Kits Replacement Kit for All Gaskets
            Fasteners and Kits Fasteners and Kits: Bolts, Flat & Split Washers, Nuts, Screws, Set Screws, Cotter Pins, Woodruff keys

            Oil Seal Kit  Replacement of All: Seals in Engine, Transmission, Tiller Drive

            Complete Engine Rebuild Kit All Bearings, Gaskets, Seals, Misc to rebuild engine


        NEW 5300 CHISEL TINE          $20.00 EACH

Custom Made Electric or Air Starter for any Frazer

Tired of Breaking your back trying to start your tiller
This Custom Made Front Housing works on any Frazer. Just use your existing large Air or Electric Drill

Click this link for details and to order

    Electric Starter  

        Wheel Control Clutch Hubs Instructions / Diagrams     Clutch Hub Inst

        Click on Attachments button below to see my newly listed Cultivator for sale.       


        Serial Number Plate (NEW)     $10.00
I had sold the last of my New Old Stock which was made decades ago.
        I found a vendor to make this for me.
        Part number SNP and in button 5000-5049 below

Hood Control Rod Plate (NEW) $35.00
        A lot of people have asked for this, so I finally found a vendor to make this for me.
        Part number is HCP in the button 5000-5049 below


            Services    Rebuild: Carb, Magneto, Clutch Hub

            Books and Manuals   Parts Book, Operators & Shop Manuals,
                                                                 Past Catalogs, Booklets & Service Bulletins 

           Tools    Tools, Tool Box mounts on Handlebar

           Part Numbers 5000-5049    Serial Number Plate, Hood Control Rod Plate Complete Engine,
                                                                 Oil for Gas Mixture, Cylinder Block & Head, Crankcase, Crankshaft,
                                                                 Connecting Rod, Piston, Intake Manifold, Carburetor

            Part Numbers 5050-5099    Carburetor, Fuel Strainer & Tank, Throttle,
                                                                  Air Cleaner, Exhaust

            Part Numbers 5100-5149    Magneto

            Part Numbers 5150-5199    Magneto, Fan, Spark Plugs, Starter

            Part Numbers 5200-5249    Starter, Clutch, Transmission

            Part Numbers 5250-5299    Axle, Transmission Axle Oil Seals, Tiller Drive, Tine

            Part Numbers 5300-5399    Magneto, Transmission, Tine Holder Spring,    
                                                                  Tines, Depth, Handle Bar, Hood, Magneto, Steering,
                                                                  Wheel, Handle Bar Rods, Cleated Wheels 5325

            Part Numbers 5400-5499    Reverse Gear Assembly, Fan, Clutch, Magneto,
                                                                  Transmission, Wheel

             Part Numbers 5500-5599    Hub, Tank, Wheel

            Part Numbers 5600-5699     Magneto, Air Cleaner, Grips, Handle,
                                                                   Hub, Wheel, Handle Bar Rods

            Part Numbers 5700-5999     Tires, Wheels (Rims), Fuel,
                                                                   Hub, Muffler, Reverse Gear, Trans Axle Oil Seal,
                                                                   S/N Plates, Belt Pulley Drive Unit

            Transmission Axle Housing Types

            Transmission Oil Seals                Transmission Oil Seals

            Frazer Rototiller Paint                Frazer Yellow or Blue 12 oz Spray Paint

             Attachments   B74 Belt Drive Pulley(Listed 09/11/17 Refurbished)
                                                                     Attachments or Implements                                      
             Frazer Rototillers For Sale          Frazer Rototillers & Customer Parts for Sale  

             5952 NEW Canister Muffler       New Canister Muffler on page 5700-5999

            SAE 40 Oil for Fuel Tank Mixture    1 Quart Oil for Fuel Tank Mixture